3 signs to look for that you should call a professional roofing contractor

With spring time rains and Hail season upon us it’s vital to pay attention to your roof. Your roof system does require some attention and maintenance to insure it last for years to come.

One. Broken shingles

Your shingles are your first line of defense against what Mother Nature throws at it, and making sure your roof is in good condition will help make sure your roof last for years. If you see broken or missing shingles it’s a clear sign you need a professional roofer to inspect the damage, a few missing shingles doesn’t always mean you need a new roof, a lot of times it just requires a minor repair. If gone unnoticed it can cause severe damage over time. Most of our calls for inspections in most cases are for leaks, generally these are caused by missing shingles that have blown off due to high winds or improper installation or just old age. We can assess these issues and help prevent further damage by calling us as soon as you noticed anything out of the ordinary. In most cases just a minor repair is needed if caught early on.

Two. Sagging roof decking

This can be noticed by just standing in the yard and looking at the roof, if you see low spots it can mean you could have structural damage or foundation problems. Most of the time it’s the decking that’s sagging and can repaired or replaced without needing an entire roof replacement. Either way you should have it inspected. If allowed to go unchecked this can cause significant damage later on and could lead to costly repairs.

Three. Sagging or clogged gutters

Sagging gutters can be caused by improper installation, leaves and debris from nearby trees. It can also be from loose granules from heavy rain or even small hail can dislodge the granules on your shingles and over time that can put your roof at risk of failing. Clogged gutters can also affect your roofing system, not allowing rain to properly discharge through the gutter system can wick back up under your shingles, rot and cause decking issues that over time will breakdown and cause leaks. Proper maintenance and keeping your gutters cleaned out can help prevent potentially costly repairs, and ask your roofer to install leaf guards.

If you see any of these or any other problems with your roof contact the pros at GAL-TECH ROOFING  (817) 559-1511 to schedule a free roof inspection. Taking care of issues early on can save you thousands of dollars later on and make sure your roof last for years.


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