Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection to assess Storm Damage

Texas is no stranger to spring & summer storms, especially during tornado season. While most of these storms don’t pack the punch of the more disastrous tropical storms or hurricanes, they can still wreak havoc on your home.

In fact, storm damage is prevalent from April through July because of the seemingly nonstop barrage of thunderstorms. Oftentimes, these storms will cause roofs to leak, damage shingles, and even cause gutter systems to flood. One of the safest measures you can take after a storm is to have GAL-TECH Roofing provide a professional roof inspection to assess the damage.

Assessing the Damage

While you may imagine visible holes in your roof or missing shingles, the signs of a damaged roof are not always this noticeable, especially after a storm. In fact, usually leaks are nearly invisible to the naked eye and require a professional inspection to determine the source.

Similarly, damaged gutter systems can be difficult to notice. Not always are gutter torn down, bent, or pulled away from the house. Sometimes, holes have rusted through the exterior, or pin holes have formed. Additionally, storms can cause gutters to get clogged, rendering the gutter ineffective which can lead to flooding around the base of your home.

Some other types of storm damage that can be difficult to notice are:

  • Loose Shingles: If you have loose shingles, not only can water enter the home, but it can allow pests to make home in your roof or attic, leading to a host of other issues.
  • Warped Shingles: Warped shingles can show that water has Already started to build up and cause damage to your roof.
  • Balding Shingles: Shingles are meant to repel water from your home, and balding shingles are not as effective at this.
  • Dented or Damaged Roof Ridge Cap: One of the most common causes of roofing leaks is from a damaged roof ridge cap, and repairing such is essential.

Saving Money with Inspections

Storm damage to your roof can lead to a number of other issues, but one of the most effective ways to prevent such issues is to have a free roofing inspection performed by GAL-TECH Roofing after a major storm.

With our inspection, we will assess any areas of your roof and gutter system that may have any lingering effects from the storm, even issues that you may not notice explicitly. In fact, many of the most common roofing issues are not as noticeable as you might think. If you leave these small issue to their own devices and push back on the repair, these small issues can grow into harder to manage issues which will cost far more to repair down the road.

Contact GAL-TECH Roofing for a Free Inspection

If you are concerned your home has been damaged by a storm, contact GAL-TECH Roofing for a free inspection on the damage and a free quote for the repair costs. Contact us online or simply give us a call at 817-559-1511 and protect your roof today!


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