Why you should get your roof inspected during autumn

An annual roof inspection is an important part of your overall home maintenance. A professional inspection will alleviate any concerns you may have about your roof, and will ensure your roof is safe in every respect. While any time of the year is convenient for a roof inspection, there are few good reasons why you should consider your roof inspection during fall.

Here are 3 important reasons why fall is the perfect time for a roof inspection

Look for stormy season damage and prevention of winter damage
– Believe it or not, the spring and summer season take a toll on your roof. Moisture, heat and stormy conditions can lead to a host of issues that can threaten the structural integrity of your home if unchecked. The constant heat, thunderstorm, gusty winds, and high humidity during the stormy season can damage and breakdown your roofing material. Hire a professional roofing company for an inspection to find out if any roofing materials need to be repaired or replaced before the snow, ice or cold temperatures can harm your roof.

Objects like leaves and branches likely fall during autumn – During the autumn season, leaves, branches and other objects fall on your roof and get collected in heaps. Also, large branches and potentially damaging objects may fall and cause huge damage. So, it is important to schedule an inspection so that the potential damage can be resolved on time.

Sufficient time to fix the issues – Some roof repair or replacement job will take more time and autumn is the best time to address these issues. Autumn is known for its pleasant temperatures and sunny skies. These conditions make this season more likely for a roof inspection.

Hire professionals for roof inspection during fall to prepare your roof for the winter season

Unless you have good knowledge and experience in the roofing industry, it may be a challenging task to diagnose roofing problems and differentiate between serious problems and normal wear and tear. Apart from this, it is not easy to climb onto any roof without professional expertise and equipment. So, it is always recommended to hire professional roofers for inspection work. They are experts in the roofing industry and may have handled many roofing repair and inspection projects. They can easily identify areas that need immediate attention.

What does the job of a roofing inspector entail?

While inspecting your roof, the qualified professional will look at the shingles to find if they are missing, buckling, loose or cracked. They will also inspect the metal flashing surrounding chimneys, vents and other areas. Blocked gutters and downspouts are also a major reason for water damage. Your roof inspection expert will make recommendations for repair if they are worn out or are not functioning properly. The roof inspector will also check the attic and other interior areas. They will pay heed to the ceilings, walls, cracked plasters that point for water damage and roof repair.

With winter right around the corner, autumn is the right time to call the roofing experts for an annual roof inspection. The professionals at GAL-TECH Roofing are happy to answer your queries and help you with a free professional roof inspection at any time.


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